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long time no post!! i started off the spring semester a little rough, still sick and trying to reconfigure my schedule. after much tweaking, i think i hit the jackpot with teachers. anthropology is another story, but at least 4/5 seem to be pretty awesome!

anthropology: kill.me.now.
american lit 2: dr. germana seems like a pretty nice guy. does a lot with the history, which helps a lot in understanding the material. so far, i'm not a big fan of everything we've read. "rodman, the keeper" by constance fennimore woolson was a very interesting story, though. i'm enjoying this class so far. the walk down to stansbury is surely not ideal, but the class is great. so, it's definitely worth it. i'm glad i dropped math.
british lit 2: dr. claycomb rocks. period. one of my best classes this semester. i'm enjoying it a lot. we've done tons of blake (whom i really like), so i'm happy. it's a lot of the material i really enjoy, like the romantic poets. yum! this class equals hayley heaven. the teacher keeps you alert with jokes and keeps you challenged with difficult questions.
current moral problems: love love love this class! maybe my favorite this semester! the teacher turns a big lecture class into one giant debate. it's pretty neat.
french: so far, i'm liking french 204. i had 203 last semester, so i'm not really rusty on anything. which is good. and i had olivier last semester and he's pretty awesome, so i know what to expect at this point. and we're reading "le petit prince!"

so, those are all my classes. everything's falling into place for a good semester. i just have to get used to new places, classmates, and teachers.
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