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home sweet home. :)

it. feels. so. good. to. be. home. finally!!! not that i don't miss morgantown and school, but i really do love it here in philly. sometimes i wonder why i ever left, but then i think about how much i really do like my school.
so, friday, i drove home with my friend marie that lives kind of close to me and we were home by 2:30-ish. it was nice. a lot less driving than if i had to go and pick up mario. friday night, mario came over because i hadn't seen him since we went back for thanksgiving break. when he got here, i was feeling kind of yuck.. since i've been pretty sick since thanksgiving. he barely touched the back of my neck and i was in such pain. i will tell you this, i've never been in that much pain before, not even when i broke my arm in fifth grade. my neck was also really, really swollen. we went to paoli hospital at midnight and i was glad that mario wanted to come with us even though i had been kind of mean to him about the way i felt earlier that night. so, an hour later ... turns out that the entire time, i had some kind of weird infection that wasn't getting killed by any of the antibiotics i was taking. the infection went into my tonsils, which is why they were so swollen. the pain was from my lymph nodes that were spazzing out from everything going on in my body. so, after the pain medicine they gave me, i was a pretty happy camper. once they switched my medicine and stuff, i've been feeling MUCH better. i'm glad everything finally got situated.. but, i'm probably going to have to have my tonsils out this summer. but at least for the time being, i should be fine.
today i went with my sister to the mall to do some christmas shopping. it was a pretty productive day all around. i got to do a lot of shopping i wanted to. so, i'm happy and almost set with my shopping. tomorrow, i'm going to need to make a trip over to the chester county bookstore to see if i can find a book for my mom and then something else for my dad. i also have to buy blank cds. reminder.
i went to see the killers with celia on saturday night... that was amazing! i didn't realize those guys were going to be so good live!! they were awesome!
anyway, i'm just glad i'm home. finally. and starting to feel better.
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