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....uhm, argh.

okay, so long time no post. it's not that i've really been too busy, i just kind of forget.
so, yeah. i'm a dumbass and i have a pretty funny dumbass story. i was getting a clicky pencil out of my purse and the lead tip got jammed underneath my fingernail.. right before i had to take a test! so, i got some of it out before i went to take my english test.. and at this point, it hurts rrreeeaaalllyyy bad. so, i came back from my test and tried to get it out with some tweezers.. and it wasn't coming out! so, i was debating whether or not to go to student health. i eventually decided that i was going to go.. so i went .. and it took me forever to find it because it's in the wvu hospital and i didn't really know where i was going. the signs are a little sketchy. i filled out a triage slip and went in and sat down. apparently, it must have been an important complaint because there was about fifteen other people sitting there, waiting.. and i got called right away. let me tell you, i got about fifteen angry stares when i got up. they had three people working on it... including a trauma doctor? .. for what?! A PIECE OF LEAD PENCIL..... stuck under my fingernail. it hurt like a bitch, but at the end of it, i was laughing my ass off. it took twenty minutes to get this bitch out, though.
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