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winter break comes to an end. :(

well, i'm headed back to morgantown tomorrow morning. fun, i know. and i'm not even done packing. should get packing perhaps.
so, i went to see the ent again a couple of days ago. mono test was negative, but my lympocytes were really low and my neutrophils were really high. my sed rate test showed lots of inflammation of some sort. he was completely clueless, which is funny because he's a really great doctor. said it was probably viral tonsillitis, but he didn't know. and if it comes back, i have to see an infectious disease (?!?) doctor and/or a rhumatologist (!?!) at the wvu hospital. sure freaked me out. i know if it comes back, i'm not seeing an infectious disease doctor.. because, he what could he do for me?
where's dr. house when you need him?
anyway, i'm not looking forward to going back to school. i like my house. and my dog. and my family. and my philly friends. but, wvu is wonderful.
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