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the letter A
are you available? no. :)
what is your age? 18, soon to be nineteen.
what annoys you? children, feeling clustraphobic, people that are orange from tanning, lots of other stuff.

the letter B
do you live in a big house? not really. it's a modest size. and my dorm is tinnnnyyy.
when is your birthday? january 26th.
who are your best friends? my fab five, celia, and amanda.

the letter C
what's your favorite candy? tootsie rolls.
who's your crush? no one. :D i have a bbooooyyffrriieenndd.
when was the last time you cried? a while ago.

the letter D
do you daydream? who doesn't?
what's your favorite kind of dog? i have way too many. borzois, great danes, sheepdogs of any kind, clumber spaniels, bloodhounds, pulis.. what? they're my favorite animal.
what day of the week is it? saturday. <3

the letter E
how do you like your eggs? omelets!!! or scrambled with cheese.
have you ever been in the emergency room? yep.

the letter F
have you ever flown in a plane? just twice. to and back from england.
do you use fly swatters? sometimes.
have you ever used a foghorn? nope.

the letter G
do you chew gum? yesss!
are you a giver or a taker? a little bit of both. as every human is.
do you like gummy candies? yes.

the letter H
how are you? not bad, been better... but i'm okay.
what's your height? five feet. even.
what color is your hair? reddish-browinish with really dark brown roots. i need to get it done again.

the letter I
what's your favorite ice cream? cookies and cream. chocolate chip cookie dough. ben and jerry's marsha marsha marshmallow and swirrled world.
have you ever ice skated? yes, a lot. but i'm terrible at it. and it really hurts my ankles.
do you play an instrument? yesss! oboe and piano.

the letter J
what's your favorite jelly bean? ew. i hate those. they're nasty.
have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? yep! the penguin one.
do you wear jewelry? earrings, three rings, sometimes a necklace, sometimes a bracelet.

the letter K
who do you want to kill? i don't want to kill anyone.
do you want kids? maybe?
where did you have kindergarten? uhm, i don't know the name of it. but it was some little presbyterian place.

the letter L
are you laid back? not really, no. lol.
do you lie? once in a while.
when was your last kiss? when i dropped mario off at school. :(

the letter M
what's your favorite movie? "garden state." because it's awesome.
do you still watch disney movies? not really, but i still like them. :)
do you like mangos? yes.

the letter N
do you have a nickname? not really.
what's your favorite number? 7. :)
do you prefer night over day? yes!

the letter O
what's your one wish? to do good at wvu, go to graduate school, become a famous writer! not too much to ask, i don't think!
are you an only child? no, unfortunately. lol.

the letter P
what one fear are you most paranoid about? clustraphobia... and being buried alive. ick. ick. ick.
what are your pet peeves? people that are orange, dirt under nails, people that go to a foreign country and don't even try to speak the language.
what's a personality trait you look for in people? a good sense of humor and a generally cynical point of view of humanity.

the letter Q -
whats your favorite quote? "the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but the other side is bound to have a kick-ass playground."

the letter R
do you think you're always right? ninety nine point nine percent of the time.
do you watch reality tv? american idol... project runway.. that's about it.
what's a good reason to cry? anything you want to cry about. i don't care.

the letter S
do you prefer sun or rain? i like both.
do you like snow? love it.
what's your favorite season? winter.

the letter T
what time is it? 2:32 p.m.
what time did you wake up? 11:00.
when was the last time you slept in a tent? never. :D

the letter U
are you wearing underwear? yep.
do you prefer underwear or thongs? underwear.

the letter V
what's the worst veggie? broccolli. cauliflower. and other ones. -shudder.-
where do you want to go on vacation? everywhere!! i love to travel.. i wish i could be a travel journalist for the washington post. will that happen? probably not.
where was your last vacation to? home to philadelphia! yes, that counts as a vacation.

the letter W
what's your worst habit? lots. i procrastinate and i tend to spend waaay too much time on facebook instead of work.
where do you live? now, morgantown, wv. before, west chester, pa.
what's your worst fear? the whole buried alive thing.

the letter X
have you ever had an x-ray? yep.
have you seen the x-games? on tv, yep.
do you own a xylophone? no. :(

the letter Y
do you like the color yellow? depends on my mood.
what year were you born in? 1988, bitches.
what's one thing you yearn for? writing.

the letter Z
whats your zodiac sign? aquarius.
do you believe in the zodiac? yep. sort of.
what's your favorite zoo animal? siberian tigers at the philadelphia zoo!!! or the pandas in d.c.!!!
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