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guess what time i woke up for my 9:30 class? 9:10. so, i ran and brushed my teeth, changed into a pair of long sweatpants, and made it to french just in time to take my quiz on the conditional. so, yes. that's what they call skill. too bad i have to take french next semester at 8:30. :(

there was a highly interesting conversation in my british lit class the other day..
kid: can we play a game since it's wednesday?
teacher: what? a game? ...
kid: yeah! we could play seven up!
teacher: uhm, what is that?
kid: only the greatest game ever played!
teacher: i'll take your word for it.. okay back to the history of the reformation.
kid: oh, come on! one game!
teacher: here, we could play beer pong. anyone have beer? no, okay. we could play coffee pong! you really want to talk about people throwing up, all you have to do is make 'em play coffee pong. yeah, we could play coffee pong for metaphysical conceipts. you guys would be barfing all over the place.
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